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Ronald Meyer

Ronald Meyer

Ronald Meyer is an avid hunter and football fan, but when he lost both his legs due to severe vascular compromise he began a long journey for recovery. 

On December 29, 2015 Ronald underwent right below the knee amputation and then on February 10, 2016 the left leg was amputated below the knee.  Ronald was admitted to HealthSouth after the amputation and received Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  He did well and was discharged home to his family. 

After several months Ronald’s stumps healed and he received his prostheses.  Ronald was so anxious to “get back on his feet” that he drove directly from the prosthesis company to HealthSouth to be admitted for gait training.  As he wheeled into the lobby Ronald was greeted by HealthSouth CEO Tony Bennett.  Ronald told Tony “I’m going to walk out of here.”  Ronald was carrying his prosthesis which he helped design with a hunting theme.

The multi-disciplinary team created a therapy program designed especially for Ronald.  This included physical therapy working on improve strength, endurance and mobility and occupational therapy  focusing on improving daily living skills and teaching coping skills for Ronald and his family as he adjusted to new challenges.  13 days Ronald was admitted he achieved his goal and walked out of HealthSouth.  He has continued to gain mobility and enjoys playing catch with his son.  Ronald is looking forward to getting his permanent prosthesis which he is also helping design.  

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