Patient Testimonial

Matt Tomasello

Matthew Tomasello Matthew Tomasello, 25, had a bright future ahead. He had earned a degree in criminal justice and planned to attend the police academy in the upcoming fall for a career in helping others.

One evening in May of 2011, Matt was hanging out with a friend when they decided to take a leisurely drive on their motorcycles. When they came to a stop sign, both waited for their right of way. However, before they could blink an eye, a car driving at a high rate of speed hit the two young men from behind. The car continued on to hit another vehicle, causing it to flip over several times. In total, six people were rushed to the hospital, including Matt.

Once in the emergency room, the trauma team assessed Matt. Numerous abrasions on his legs and back were noted, as well as tibia and fibular fractures of the calf and shinbone and a broken hip. Emergency surgery was performed to increase blood flow to his left lower leg and repair the fracture.

When Matt’s condition stabilized, he was admitted to HealthSouth Emerald Coast Rehabilitation Hospital for intense therapy and treatment. Matt’s team started working with him right away, following a personalized, targeted program for specialized care. Foot drop conditions were addressed, as well as mobility issues and extensive wound care. 

Through a progressive, consistent approach to treatment, Matt’s condition greatly improved for an early July discharge.

Although further surgery would be needed to continue his recovery, Matt is thankful for the improvements he made with his supportive therapy team and looks forward to fulfilling his dream of a rewarding career in law enforcement.

Matt’s stay at HealthSouth Emerald Coast was from June 10, 2011 to July 9, 2011.

Becoming a Patient

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